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Childish Things

TITLE: Childish Things
AUTHOR: Nehalenia
PAIRING: Severus/James, implied Severus/Sirius
WARNINGS: dub-con/non-con, filthy language, hate!sex, Evil!James (or maybe just TotalButthead!James)
SUMMARY: Harry isn't too happy when he discovers one of his father's boyhood secrets: that James Potter had very old-fashioned views about Life Debts, and how they should be paid.
DISCLAIMER: The world of HP and it's characters belongs to Rowling. The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.
AUTHOR/ARTIST NOTES: This was written for the First Bottomsnape Exchange, which has now concluded.  The great and wonderous nishizono beta-read this piece and made excellent suggestions. It's a better work now because of her input.

Childish Things
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Persona Non Grata - Severus/James [NC-17]

Title: Persona Non Grata
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Severus/James, implied Lucius/Severus and James/Sirius
Length: 4100 words
Warnings: Darkfic, dubious consent, cock bondage, guilt galore
Disclaimer: Oh, so not mine -- this market's been cornered.
Summary: Severus wrestles with his guilt after being given James Potter as his pleasure slave.
Author notes: Originally written for the pornish_pixies Fantasy Fest long ago.

Many, many thanks go to both amanuensis1 and sinick for their stellar beta jobs. In addition, thanks go to anjenue and prettyclever for pre-beta read-throughs.

Persona Non Grata

PIMP: Marauder Era Rare Slash Exchange

Announcing the Opening of the Marauder Era Rare Slash Exchange, or MERSE!


What's it about?
MERSE is a ficathon based on slash and femmeslash pairings in the marauder period. The exchange will take place during the summer of 2007.
We're talking everything from James/Snape to Lucius/Dumbledore to McGonagall/Bellatrix to Pettigrew/Rosier to Voldemort/Fudge. Yes. You read that last one right.

So what does this mean?
marauder era: From about the birth of the Maruaders to the death of James Potter. So about 1959 to about 1981.
rare slash: Obviously slash means no het, but what do I mean by rare? Basically this: no Sirius/Remus and no Remus/Snape. So yes, I'm including James/Sirius, which isn't really rare in the Marauder era fics, but is rare in HP fiction generally. Medium-rare anyway.

Important dates
Sign-ups close: June 15, 2007.
Assignments sent: Within a week following close of sign-ups
Stories due: The week starting the 22nd of July

Sign-up post with more information can be found by going to me_rse, or by going to the sign up post [ here ]</lj>

James/Snape Doujin, Black Cat Tango (NC-17)

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Title: Black Cat Tango
Rating: NC-17 (lots of sex including underage, bodily fluids, possible bestiality, drinking, and crossdressing)
Pairings: James/Snape, Lucius/Snape, Wood/Snape, implied Wood/Percy, Lockhart(?)/Snape
Circle: Omega 2-D
Trans/Scanlation: persepolis130
Edits: dulciloquy
Summary: The strangest piece of pretty!snape crack I've ever seen. 39 pages long with several different stories, it completely defies explanation (as do most things by Omega 2-D). Beware the squick!
Link: megaupload or turboupload

For more HP doujin scanlations or if these links are expired, please visit hp_scanlation.

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FIC: A Single Sound


< a · s i n g l e · s o u n d >

summary: You always knew this day would come. Or so you told yourself. [james/snape, slash]
notes: my mood changed halfway through.

( He’s taken aback when you tell him )

And most my other Snape fanfic:
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At james_snape (some overlap)

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The Snape Rare Slashathon

I noticed this has been pimped on snape_rarepairs  , snapenews  , and james_snape  , but I'm just making sure the members of this com that don't visit those coms know about it too.

This year's Snape Rare Slashathon is being managed by summerborn  .

The sign up post can be found here:

Sign-ups end: 5 February, 2007
Assignments sent: 9 February, 2007
Last chance to drop out: 1 March, 2007
Stories due: 17 March, 2007 (with a special prize for anyone who posts on 16 March)
Minimum length: 1000 words

5   D A Y S   R E M A I N   F O R   S I G N - U P S ! !

Fic- Tragic update

Cross-posted to james_snape and severus_james
title: TRAGIC
author/artist: shigurenovelist
disclaimer: The intellectual property of Snape, James, and other characters and places in Harry Potter are the rights of JK Rowling and Warner Bros. This story should not be sold or bought.
rating: pg-13 (will rise with subsequent chapters)
genre: tragedy duh.
warnings: This fanfiction portrays non-graphic bisexual situations. If bisexuality offends you in ANY way, I suggest you don't read this fic. Rated for violence and vulgar language. 
summary: Is Severus a coward? SS/JP/LE and mentioned RL/SB.

I'm having a lot of fun with this story, although it's not exclusively JP/SS yet, it will be in later chapters. I post this on ff.net monthly, and on lj every four chapters or so. Please let me know what you think.

(note: these link to ff.net)

Chapter Five: Skunk Cabbage is for a wallflower.
Chapter Six: Pink Pansy is for a sad, sad thing.
Chapter Seven: Golden Eardrops is for potentially rude interviewers.
Chapter Eight: Mule Ears is for a jealous little thing.

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HP Doujin Scanlation: Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker (NC-17)

Thanks to the most amazing editing help from the very talented dulciloquy and younglizbeth, my first HP scanlation is now (hopefully) ready for presentation!

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker JAMES X SNAPE

This is an NC-17 doujin, 44 pages long, by the circle prt. It contains a bit of sex, a slightly abusive James, and the prettiest Snape I've ever seen (yay!).

Hope everyone enjoys!