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Hi, and welcome! This is a community for fans of James/Severus slash, as few and far between as we seem to be, and a way for us to get together and show our love for this ship.

What's allowed

- Discussions! Why do we love the pairing, and how woud it work, despite it being so very not canon?
- Fan fiction and fan art. As long as it has something to do with Sev/James, we'd love to see it.
- Plugs for Severus/James sites.
- Anthing else involving our boys and dealing with them as a slash pairing. (Or non-pairing. Unrequited angst is lovely too.)

What's not allowed

- RPG ads. There are communities for those, and the mod frowns on forcing relationships in games.
- Fan works that don't involve Severus and James, and those that feature them in other relationships, with no hint of SS/JP. There are communities all over livejournal for such posts.
- Flame wars. Make the mod's life a little easier, 'kay?
- General HP comments. Yeah, we know when the new movie's coming out. Yes, we've heard about this or seen that. But this community is soley for Severus/James slash, and such posts are off topic.

A few rules.

1. Please put all fics and art behind a cut tag. If you do not know how to do this, please check the Livejournal FAQ.
2. Put warnings in the headers, such as ratings and kinks. Not everything is worksafe, and not everyone has the same tastes.
3. Please Friend Lock anything NC-17 to the community!
4. Please respect the mod and each other. Or at least pretend to act civilly to each other while posting to the community.
5. Please stay on topic. That means no discussion or fanwork that doesn't involve Severus and James in some way is allowed.

Community is moderated by fujinsama.